Richie Gray vs Terry George

This fight was my professional Debut so eager to impress I went straight at setting about my opponent and the finish job early to the surprise of my self and all the supporters, but my coaching team didn't seem to impressed with my reckless tactics but a great start to my career. .

Win    Round 1    TKO

Richie Gray vs Edgar Sniedze

Coming into this fight the camp wasn't as good as I wanted to be but I was ready for war and war is what he gave us. Massively underestimating the talent and strength of this visiting fighter I expected to blow him away early but I couldn't have been more wrong as he came and gave us a real test in our 2nd outing as a pro.

Win    Round 4    Points 

Richie Gray vs Martin Antis

3rd time out and I was eager to display my improvement as a fighter so I opted to move around the ring using my skills and footwork effectively.  This worked wonderfully until I caught him with that clean shot I was waiting for, his legs went from under him and i stepped in to finish the fight with a composed manor.

Win    Round 3    TKO

Richie Gray vs Konstantin Alexandrov

My 4th fight as a professional I was beginning to take shape and show maturity in the gym so we decided to step up to 6 rounds. I felt in the shape of my life and boxed perfectly to orders on this occasion. The opponent was highly resilient absorbing shots from all angles, but to the disappointment of my self and my always fantastic support he didn't give us much back.
That aside we got the win and a clean sheet winning ever round comfortably

Win    Round 6    Points