My Story

My journey as boxer begun around 13 years ago one day during the summer holidays from school. I was bored and after watching a boxing movie I decided I fancied it. I found my local boxing club (Berry boys) and asked my dad to take me. Of course, at this time he thought it may just be a phase that will eventually pass. How wrong could he have been!

Gym & Fitness

I didn't get off to the best of starts with my boxing having 7 fights as a junior winning only 3, and getting beat up most of the time in between at the gym.  Despite my lack of success at this gym it wasn't all bad as I did meet many of what are still my closest friends.

And I am sure if you ask any 1 who trained at that gym at that time "WHAT IS A GYM?" They will all answer the same - "SWEAT SHOP".

At the age of 16, life like any other teenagers began to change and so boxing fell to 1 side for a while. I was still in and out of the gym but nothing really serious. It wasn't until I was around 18/19 that I realised I missed it so much and wanted to have another go, but this time I seemed to have developed some degree of "skill". I originally went to a club called Vange and Pitsea on my return but never really settled in so I went to the local club in Pitsea called Chalvedon where I most certainly enjoyed most of my success as an amateur boxer.

Story Title

I knocked up around 14 wins from 18 contests here as a senior boxer, inc 11 championship fights earning the Essex and Eastern counties championship title 3 years running, also repressing Essex on 3 occasions winning 2 out of the 3 by TKO. It was at this club I really found my feel in boxing and begun to feel like I was really part of the sport.

After 4/5 seasons at Chalvedon things began to change within the club with my friends and some of the staff moving on.  I took some time off again and went travelling, but it was short lived as I ended up boxing on my travels and then returning home to book myself up for my first unaffiliated, unlicensed boxing match.

I didn't really train for this one or take it as serious as I had in the past, I done most of the work myself just running and punching bags in the local gym.  I won this Via 2nd round TKO picking up the EBA 4 nations title in the process. This quickly prompted me to pick up the pace and start training in case I got caught with a tough challenge.

Pro Jurney

So, I began the start of my pro journey. 

I researched around on the internet looking at different coaches and learning what I could when I came across my now manager and trainer Alec Wilkey. I called him up and asked if he would help me with my boxing for my next fight that was still supposed to be an EBA fight. Unfortunately, I ended up picking up an injury so never got to take this fight. While training with Alec once a week he asked me if I had plans to turn pro, and in truth I never really did.

I didn't think I was talented enough or marketable enough. He told me he thinks I have what it takes and that if I can get the support why don't I at least give it a go. I went home took about a week to think about it then decided I wanted to at least try so when I look back I wouldn't say what could have been. I am known to be somewhat recklessly impulsive from time to time and this was no exception as I decided to turn pro totally out of the blue. I quit my job, my social life and went full steam into my what is now my full time job as a professional boxer.

A year ago roughly to the day I started my journey as a professional fighter.... 1 year in and we seem to be thriving. 





The journey continues...

Thank you all for taking the time to read the story of my boxing career so far, if you are interested in following our story further along its path then feel free to join us on our social medias to keep up to date on all the day to day activities.

All my love and gratitude